Egidio Ingala

& The Jacknives

Jump Blues – Swing

Egidio Ingala

blues and swing, pomodoro sauce

Formed in 2009, the combo has built his reputation by transforming the Chicago and West Coast styles into a music based on syncopated rhythms and energetic vocals. Singer and harmonica player Egidio “Juke” Ingala leads the pack, inspired by his great elders, Little Walter, George Smith, Walter Horton and William Clarke.

His three accomplices, Marco Gisfredi (guitar), Max Pitardi (bass) and Enrico Soverini (drums), support him with a vintage sound of great homogeneity that reminds of the famous “Aces” of the 50s.

CD: "Switcharoo" (2017)

“Switcharoo” (Rhythm Bomb Records) sounds like a compromise between the swing and jump blues recordings of the forties and those of the eighties released by The Fabulous T-Birds and The Hollywood Fats Band.

Egidio «Juke» Ingala and his Jacknives deploy on 12 tracks the full range of their skills, from the angry shuffle to the sticky deep down blues. The combo also offers some solid compositions of its own on which “Juke” is more than ever the heir of his masters.

The combo is supported by Anglo-American boogie-woogie pianist Carl Sonny Leyland and Italian-American roots singer Little Victor.

Egidio Ingala Switcharoo


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  • A very talented quartet. (, USA)
  • Ingala and his Jacknives play in the first league. (Kayman Records, Italy)
  • Egidio is a helluva harpster… (, USA)
  • One of the leaders of the Italian blues scene. (Télérama, Paris)
  • Perhaps the very best european jump blues band. (Le Bien Public, France)
  • Urban blues arranged “à la sauce pomodoro”. (, Paris)
  • A band that puts on a hell of a mood. (L’Union, France)
  • An ambitious combo. (La Voix du Nord, France)
  • An appreciated player on the european stages. (Fnac, Paris)
  • The band sets an audience on fire. (Le Télégramme, France)
  • In the best tradition of rhythm’n’blues. (, Italy)
  • Solid, experienced, elegant… (, Italy)
  • They have been playing jump blues for more than 20 years. (Bluesnews, Germany)
  • Retro blues of the highest order. (Friedrichshof Night of the Blues, Germany)
  • Egidio is a monster on the harp ! (Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany)
  • On stage, Ingala acts like a tornado. (Traun Blues Festival,  Austria)


“He stole my music, but he gave me my name.” (Muddy Waters on Mick Jagger)