Abi Wallenstein

Abi Wallenstein

Rockin’ Blues

(This artist performs solo but also in duo, trio or quartet)


A living legend

     This tall lad has been bellowing his blues for more than half a century, while rubbing shoulders with the greatest (Joe Cocker, Fats Domino, Johnny Winter, Eric Burdon, Robben Ford). His sound is inimitable, marked by the simultaneous play of melodies, chords and bass lines.

     And no matter wether the so-called “father of the Hamburg blues scene” petrifies solo a pedestrian zone or makes the headliners of a festival look like old hides: Abi Wallenstein fascinates…


  • Prize of the German Phonographic Industry: 2021
  • German Blues Award: 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011
  • “Kupferle” Prize of the City of Ravensburg (Germany): 2004
  • Louis Armstrong Prize of the German Critic: 2015

CD: "Live & Pure" (2019)

     Musical nomad, Abi Wallenstein delivers “Live & Pure” (RecordJet, 2019) with the German-Dutch trio Boogielicious formed by Eeco Rijken Rapp (piano, vocals), David Herzel (drums) and Bertram Becher (harmonica).

     Recorded live without any studio artifice, the eleven tracks captivate by their virtuosity and the uniqueness of the repertoire. Abi’s hoarse voice and singular guitar blend here with the typical Boogielicious sound that is truly astonishing. A journey through blues, boogie woogie and rock…

Abi Wallenstein - Live and Pure cover (2019)

Video: Czestochowa Festival (Poland - 2019)

More videos available on YouTube

Abi Wallenstein: his life, his work...

Abi Wallenstein: cult !

  • Abi’s laid-back charisma has become his trademark. (Badische Zeitung, Germany)
  • Wallenstein fascinates. (Rolling Stone, USA)
  • Good mood blues that captivates. (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany)
  • No German-speaking artist plays the blues so authentically. (pfingstbergblues.de, Germany)
  • Abi Wallenstein is cult ! (Kieler Nachrichten, Germany)
  • Impressive playing and singing. (blues.at, Austria)
  • A lesson in blues, rock and boogie. (webkiosk.musikermagazin.de, Germany)
  • Blues reduced to the essential but great in the result. (rocktimes.info, Germany)
  • The Hamburger has become his city’s darling. (RheinPfalz Zeitung, Germany)
  • Abi brings the blues alive. (Ruhrpott Blues Festival, Germany)
  • His music gets into your stomach and your legs. (Rhein Main Presse, Germany)
  • One of the European blues greats. (Jazz Podium, Germany)
  • Abi doesn’t play the blues, he has them. (Concerto, Austria)
  • A bright spot in the monotonous musical everyday life. (Die Welt, Germany)

“I don’t think anybody steals anything… All of us borrow.” (B.B. King)